Since time immemorial, teachers have played an integral role in laying the character foundations of a student. They form the corner stone of the entire system of education; and their professional prowess, temperament and empathy paves the way for a sucessful education. Swami Vivekananda had said, "Like fire in a piece of flint, knowledge exists in mind, suggestion is the friction which brings it out." Teachers play out the role of this friction. According to Dewey, the teacher may provide the direction of the boat of knowledge but it must be fueled by the students' natural curiosity. Teachers are the role models to the life of the students who follow their advice and ideals to make a mark in their own life. According to Roofinae, "The teacher is like the candle which lights others in consuming itself." John Adams has said 'The teacher is a maker of man'. The teacher is to br the friend, philosopher and guide to te students. In this context, Mahatma Gandhi had stated, 'We must procure the best teachers for our children whatever it may cost'. The modern teacher does not provide knowledge to the students, they simply help the students in acquiring the knowledge themselves. So the main principal behind modern education is, 'The essence of teaching is that nothing can be taught, everything is to be learnt'.